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Kuro5hin's "Notes towards a Moderation Economy"...

October 29, 2003

There's a fascinating post about mechanisms and economies for distributed moderation systems over at Kuro5hin at the moment: Notes towards a Moderation Economy. Here's an excerpt:

Whether you call it Mojo, Karma, "Standing," or something else, all content rating feedback systems have some sort of currency. While there are many different ways of acquiring and spending such capital, nobody seems to have implemented an economy varied enough to be robust. And this is the key to building a system which can be stable in the long term.

Speaking very broadly, any web rating system is trying to encourage certain behaviors and discourage others. Behaviors most e-community operators would want to encourage include:
  • Writing original stories and comments that are interesting or useful
  • Leaving "attaboy" or "rubbish" comments that are "correct"
  • Rating stories and comments "correctly"


Nui T. said:

Hi, was referred to your post by my prof's blog in the Mind, Media, and Society course at the University of Toronto. You may also want to check out "What is the message?" to see if we fit in with what you are interested in. Welcome to the blogosphere, we started blogging at about the same time! Links will come when you blog more, you've also got to go out there and look for what, or who have same interests as you do, and slowly build your own personal cyberspace community. That's the other fun part of blogging, making the connection.

Tom Coates said:

Hmm. Yes. Well I've been doing it rather a long time over at plasticbag.org, but thanks for the thought!

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