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Incorporating listening into teen moderation...

November 09, 2003

Fiona Romeo has written an interesting piece on listening rather than profiling teen males and suggests that the same techniques might have utility for moderators of teen-centred communities. She cites William Pollack's "tips for listening to boys":

  • Honour a boy's need for "timed silence," to choose when to talk
  • Find a safe place, a "shame-free zone"
  • Connect through activity or play. Many boys express their deepest experience through "action talk"
  • Avoid teasing and shaming
  • Make brief statements and wait; do not lecture

I think there is particular resonance here for teen communities that are part-maintained through distributed moderation. Any thoughts?


Todd said:

A lot of those points work for listening in general, not just to teenage boys.

damien mulley said:

Are these points more catered for offline situtations rather than online ones ?

The last two would work ok online but the first three, do they apply online ?

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